D-Funk - The Armory Podcast (March 2015)


1. D-Funk – ‘Get Low’ [Unreleased]
2. Father Funk – ‘Dance Till You Drop’ [Scour Records]
3. D-Funk – ‘Bang Bang Love’ [CDR]
4. D-Funk & Som DJ vs Double 99 – ‘Ripgroove Got Crunked’ (VIP Mix) [CDR]
5. Martin Accorsi – ‘Want You’ (Phlegmatic Dogs Mix) [Say What Records]
6. D-Funk vs Julio Bashmore – ‘HBFS Au Serve’ [Unreleased]
7. Los Ghosts – ‘Go Low’ [Party Like Us Records]
8. Rektchordz & Ben Remember – Never Be [CDR]
9. Kraak N Smaak feat Romanthony – ‘Let’s Go Back’ (Hint Mix) [Jalapeno]
10. Bombo Rosa – ‘She Can’t Love You’ [Punks Music]
11. D-Funk vs Oliver Heldens – ‘Gecko’ (D-Funk Mix) [Unreleased]
12. Beatslappaz – ‘Moneyclip’ [Punk Music]
13. Unknown – ‘Crazy Legs’ [Unknown]
14. D-Base – ‘When You Love Me’ (2 Step Mix) [Soul Reveloution Records]
15. Rogue Robots – ‘Off My Face In ’97’ (D-Funk Mix) [Upstart Music]
16. D-Funk vs Major Lazer vs Elliot Grigg – ‘Hold The Line’ [Unreleased]
17. My Nu Leng – ‘Masterplan’ (D-Funk Mix) [Unreleased]
18. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Rhymes (DNGRFLD 808 Edit) [CDR]
19. The Goodfellas – ‘Soul Heaven’ (Maffia Kiss Edit) (D-Funk Edit) [CDR]
20. Amy Winehouse – ‘I’m No Good’ (Bugs In The Attic Mix) [Universal Island]
21. Janette Slack & Adsorb – ‘It’s On You’ (Se7en Deadly Mix) [Slacks Tracks]
22. Pirate Jams – ‘I Want You’ [Punks Music]


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