Aquasky - Promo Mix March 2013


1 “Get together “ Black and Blunt feat Beatsmack - Passenger Records.
2 “Blackout” - 601 - Passenger Records.
3 “Armageddon” - Dim Mak
4 “Pixelate’ - 601 - Passenger Records dubplate
5 “Breath” - Futurizm
6 “Your love“ Kid Kenobi and Justin Hunter feat Jamie lee Wilson – Klub Kids.
7 “All that matters“ Fourward
8 “Closer “ feat Miss Trouble, Specimen A - Funkatech
9 “Perfect world” Rennie laVice - Ram Records
10 “Looking and Searching” - High Maintenance.
11 ‘One by One’ (Toronto is broken remix) Rennie Pilgrem - Passenger Records.
12 ”Bring Back The Sound” Autobots, Dead Audio, MC Spyda (Funtcase remix)
13 ‘Vancouver Beatdown’ – Zomboy.
14 ‘Here to Eternity’ Aquasky Passenger Records .
15 ‘Release the Beast ‘ The Autobots feat Roisin Brophy Passenger Records.
16 ‘Booyakasha ‘ Rusko.
17 ‘Unforgettable’ Specimen A feat Nikita – Funkatech.
18 ‘Wanted Man’ , Aquasky Feat Michelle Udogu -Passenger Records.
19 ‘Make it Rain’ Aquasky Feat Sporty O (Genetix Remix ) Passenger Records.
20 ‘Make it Rain’ Aquasky Feat Sporty O Passenger Records.
21 ‘Countdown’ – Nu Jam vs Deekline and Ed Solo Rat Records.
22 ‘Rock Out’ Timmy Schumacher and MC Spyda Passenger Records.


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