Basement Freaks @ Beating The Crates (NSB) [12-05-2012]


01. Funk Moguls - Backfire
02. WBBL - Talkin Bout my Baby
03. Featurecast - Whats Good ft C Reid
04. Basement Freaks - Records In The Crate (Nynfus Corporation Remix)
05. The Funk Hunters vs L&C - Dance Up The Lion
06. Stickybuds - Crowd Murder
07. Timothy Wisdom - Black n Tan
08. Tonic - Smack
09. Basement Freaks - Cash Money ft Georges Perin (Stickybuds Remix)
10. Basement Freaks - Hit The Flame
11. Deekline & Red Polo vs Dancefloor Outlaws - Power Boots
12. Basement Freaks - Ya Need A Funky Band ft Quasamodo (2012 Retouch)
13. Nick Thayer - Like Boom ft Wizard Sleeve NFA Keba Jones
14. Foreigner - Cold as Ice (A.Skillz & Nick Thayer Bootleg)


  1. Definitely another treat for Basement Freak lovers out there...another banging track! Download and listen to your pleasure.

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