Napt @ JJJ Mixup (Triple J) [17-12-2011]


1 NAPT "King Jitter" (Red Sugar Records)
2 NAPT & Peo De Pitte "Gonna Be Mine" (Vicious Bitch)
3 NAPT "Fish In the Percolator" (Red Sugar Records)
4 Peo De Pitte "Who Do You Love" (U&A)
5 NAPT "Emotion Part 2" (Red Sugar Records)
6 NAPT "Emotion", Reset Remix (Red Sugar Records)
7 NAPT "Bass" (Red Sugar Records)
8 Roman d'amour "Make Love Tonight", Peo De Pitte Remix (Computer Science)
9 DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter "Together", NAPT Bootleg Remix (Contraband)
10 NAPT "Belief" (Red Sugar Records)
11 NAPT vs FireFlowerz "Melody" (Promo)
12 Daft Punk "Too Far", NAPT Remix (Contraband)
13 Mickey Moonlight "Close To Everything", Martinez Brothers Remix (Ed Banger)
14 NAPT "Treatise" (Red Sugar Records)
15 2000FASTWOMEN "Letters From Vienna", NAPT Remix (Wrapt Up)
16 T.E.E.D. "Garden", Calibre Remix (Polydor)
17 Disclosure "Blue You" (Disclosure)
18 NAPT "We Promise You" (Red Sugar Records)
19 Friendly Fires "Blue Cassette", Tiga Remix (XL Records)
20 NAPT "Lock The P" (Red Sugar Records)
21 Justin Martin & Ardalan "Lezgo" (Dirtybird)
22 NAPT "Tom Toms" (Vicious Bitch)
23 David Guetta & Afrojack "Lunar", NAPT Bootleg Remix (Contraband)
24 NAPT & Lucian X "Boca A Boca" (Red Sugar Records)
25 Lucian X & NAPT "Blow Your Mind" (Red Sugar Records)
26 FireFlowerz "Let Yourself Go" (Cheap Thrills)


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