Deekline ft. MC Kie - Promo Mix October 2011

A live recording from the SHAMBHALA FESTIVAL 2011 in Canada with vocal edits from MC Kie & cuts from JFB



  1. 1.Deekline Ed Solo Always Mega Mix - Pyramid, Original, Specimen A. Eddie K remix
    2.Cee lo Green I want you Red Light Remix
    3.Mickey Night Train I'll bass you
    4.Stanton Warriors'Take me to your leader' Deekline Product 1 Remix
    5.Tony Anthem Time Feat Skibadee & Mc Chan Dustin Hulton Remix
    6.I need love Merlin Edit
    7.Plump Dj's Big Beat
    8.Coma Stanton warriors edit
    9.Bob Sinclar Ft. Sean Paul Tik Tok (Chuckie & R3hab Remix)
    10.Deekline Ed Solo Reload Feature Million Dan
    11.Bomb Bucket heads. Deekline Ed Solo Edit
    12.Deekline Tim Healey 'Yo Yo Get Funky' ft Fast Eddie
    13.Tit for tat Deekline Tim Healey
    14.Ben West Beech 'Something for the weekend'
    15.Rack N Ruin Ft Serocee, Navigator & Illaman - Righteous - Black Butter
    16.Defkline and Red Polo 'Rolling in the Mud'
    17.Neighbour Split Mik Load More Booty
    18.Krafty Kuts Pounding Deekline Ed Solo Remix
    19.Crookers Bust Em up Southern fried
    20.Rebel Mc Tribal Bass Deekline Ed Solo Wizard remix Congo Natty
    21.Napt Toot That Thing
    22 Baymont Bros + Sporty O 'Handz in the Air' Choosy Records
    23.Dustin Hulton & Nikki Carabello Something about you ft Sporty O, DeeRoobes
    22.Spike Lee, Klaus Hill Slipsteam
    23.Girls Unit Wut Claude Von Stroke Remix
    24.Time Takers 'She Blow'
    25.Athson 'Waist line'
    26.Dj Icey Lets get Ravey
    27.Deekline Ed Solo Paella
    28.Deekline Ed Solo Paella Jungle vip ft Million Dan
    29.Deekline Ed Solo.King Of the Bongo Jungle Cakes
    30.Deekline Ed Solo Untold Jungle Cakes
    31.Cyantific - Touch Me - Ram
    32.Rusko Everyday NetskyRemix
    33.Deekline Ed Solo Always eddie K remix
    34.Deekline Ed Solo Always Original mix

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