Pyramid - 140 Mix Vol.1 (September 2011)


01. Emeli Sande - Heaven (PYRAMID Re-fix) [Free Download]
02. The Rules - Sign up (PYRAMID vs Wizard Remix) [Rebel Instinct Dubplate]
03. PYRAMID - Trouble [Funkatech]
04. 12th Planet - Reasons (Dr P Remix) [Bullet Train]
05. DJ Sike - Lost In A Daze (PYRAMID Remix) [Warehouse Wax Dubplate]
06. Freestylers - Over You [Black Hole Dubplate]
07. Subscape & Ethic - Punchline [Dubplate]
08. Danso - Oi (PYRAMID Remix) [Myish Dubplate]
09. PYRAMID - Confessions [Dubplate]
10. Dub Runner - Dream [Heavy Artillery Dubplate]
11. The Others - First Flight [Dub Police Dubplate]
12. Dopamine - Hold You (PYRAMID vs Rennie Pilgrim) [TCR Dubplate]
13. Shy FX - Raver [Digital Soundboy]
14. Shy FX - Raver (Breakage Remix) [Digital Soundboy]
15. Stanton Warriors - Shoot Me Down (PYRAMID Remix) [Dubplate]
16. Specimen A - Chasing Shadows (PYRAMID Remix) [Funkatech]
17. PYRAMID feat. Sylvester - Lights Go Out [Dubplate]
18. PYRAMID feat. Julie Thompson - Cruel (SKisM Remix) [Funkatech]
19. Chase & Status - Flashing lights [MTA]
20. Dott Rotten - Who's Laughing Now (PYRAMID vs TMS Remix) [Dubplate]
21. PYRAMID vs Schema - Into My Arms [Dubplate]
22. PYRAMID feat. Julie Thompson - Beat Of Your Heart [Funkatech Dubplate]
23. Nero vs Skrillex - Promises [MTA]
24. Ms Dynamite - Neva Soft (PYRAMID Refix) [Free Download]
25. PYRAMID - Ready For Blast Off [Funkatech]
26. The Others feat. Rod Azlan - Total Recall [Dub Police Dubplate]
27. PYRAMID vs Aquasky - And The Beat Goes [Passenger Dubplate]


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