Napt - Promo Mix June 2011


1. NAPT "Emotion Part 1" (Red Sugar Records)
2. Evil Nine "Stay Up" (For Lovers)
3. NAPT "Emotion Part 2" (Red Sugar Records)
4. NAPT ft Skibadee "The Rollers" (Funkatech)
5. Fenech Soler "Demons", Plump DJ’s remix (B-Unique)
6. Peo De Pitte "Burning Up" (U&A)
7. Foamo "Here Comes" (Moda Music)
8. NAPT & Peo De Pitte "Gonna Be Mine" (Promo)
9. Cee Lo Green "F**k You", NAPT Remix (Contraband)
10. DJ Birdee "Shake it" (Woot)
11. T.E.E.D "Sickly Child" (Greco Roman)
12. Daft Punk "Too Long", NAPT Remix (Contraband)
13. Evil Nine "It's You" (For Lovers)
14. Brookes Brothers ft Robert Owens "Beautiful", NAPT Remix (Breakbeat Kaos)
15. NAPT "Work This Out", 12 Inch Dub (Funkatech)
16. Darwin Deez "Constellations", T.E.E.D Remix (Lucky Number)
17. 2000FASTWOMEN "Letters From Vienna", NAPT Remix (Wrapt-Up)
18. Miike Snow "Black And Blue", NAPT Remix (Contraband)
19. Jack Beats ft John B "All Night" (Cheap Thrills)
20. NAPT "Dateline" (Contraband)
21. NAPT "Lock The P" (Red Sugar Records)
22. Loops Of Fury "We Unfold", Plump DJ's Remix (U&A)
23. Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon "Together", NAPT remix (Contraband)
24. NAPT "Belief" (Red Sugar Records)
25. NAPT "Make My Day" (Funkatech)
26. Redlight "Source 16" (Digital Soundbwoy)
27. NAPT "Time You Realised" (Funkatech)
28. NAPT & Lucian X "Boca A Boca" (Red Sugar Records)
29. Emalkay "Crusader" (Dub Police)
30. NAPT & Lucian X "Perfect Day" (Red Sugar Records)
31. NAPT & Lucian X ft Frizzle "Paper Walls" (Red Sugar Records)


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