Basement Freaks - Promo Mix June 2011


1. Basement Freaks - The Balkan Jam
2. Nick Thayer - Do You Want More
3. Neon Steeve - I got Tha
4. Nynfus Corporation - Sergei Goes to Jamaica
5. Featurecast - Snipper
6. Busta - Take Control feat Claire G
7. Nick Thayer - Rythm Control
8. Featurecast & Krafty Kuts - Headbanger
9. Basement Freaks - Something Linguistix
10.Basement Freaks feat Mc Lozen - Records In The Crate
11.Dj Love - Zigga zigga (Nick Thayer Remix)
12.Grandmaster Flash - The Message (Dj Soo Remix)
13.Basement Freaks - Get Down Boogie
14.Basement Freaks - The Art Of Afro
15.Ursula 1000 - Baby Lazer Love (Basement Freaks Remix)
16.Deadmau5 - Ladder (Baymont Brothers Remix)
17.Basement Freaks - Symphony of The Devil
18.Boris Delugosh - Bangkok (Krafty Kuts Re Rub)
19.Stanton Warriors feat Twista - Pop Ya Cork
20.Dj Deekline & Red Polo Remember Dre (Booty Breaks mix)
21.Stickybuds - Dont Deny It
22.Thunderball - Make your Move (Basement Freaks Remix)
23.Nneka & Ade Bantu - Am Waiting (Basement Freaks Remix)


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