Hexadecimal - Promo Mix May 2011


01 The Plump DJ's - Hump Rock (Original Mix) [Grand Hotel]
02 Damn Horns - The Freak Out (Original Mix) [Rocstar]
03 Maximilian - Don’t Let Go (Plump DJs Re-edit) [Grand Hotel]
04 Stanton Warriors - Shoot Me Down (Original Mix) [Punks]
05 Hexadecimal - Ain't No Disco (Dub Mix) [Distinctive]
06 Hunter Vaughan -Kakken (The Loops of Fury Remix) [Death Proof]
07 D-Jastic - Up To No Good (Extended Mix) [Made in NL]
08 Calverton - Raw 2 Da Floor (Original Mix) [Jack Knife]
09 Mord Fustang -The Electric Dream (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
10 AutoKratz - A-Train (Original Mix) [Bad Life]
11 Infiniti -Running Away (Curtis B Cover Mix) [Illeven Eleven]
12 Beat Rangers - Where’s my Glasses [I-Breaks]
13 Under This - Time To Rock (Digital Base Mix) [I-Breaks]
14 Illuminatus - Murdocracy (Hexadecimal Mix) [Headroom]
15 Dada Life - White Noise Red Meat (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
16 Chrizz Luvly -Amen (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
17 Hyper - Beyond The Rave (Original Mix) [Distinctive]
18 Spencer & Hill - Less Go (Peter Robinson Remix) [Bazooka]
19 Freefire - Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix) [Noize]
20 Millions Like Us - Don’t Let Go (Far Too Loud Remix) [Quantum DNB]
21 Jiro Vega - Aqua (Miles Dyson Remix) [Ministry of Sound]
22 Demolition Disco - Big Mama (Access Denied Remix) [Riot Riot Broken]
23 Enough Weapons - Walking On Water (Original Mix) [On a Break]
24 DIOYY - We Are The Dead (You Killing Me Remix) [Cooking Vinyl]
25 501 - Somewhere in Time (High Rankin Remix) [NSFW]


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