A Skillz - Beats Working Vol.1 (March 2011)



  1. Anonymous says:

    Track Listing, I think...:

    1.A.Skillz (Rock the house) Intro – A.Skillz
    2.Back and Forth (feat Izza Kizza)- Dj Yoda & A.Skillz
    3.Don’t Believe the hype (A.Skillz Re-Lick) – Public Enemy
    4.Another Day (Acc) – A.Skillz feat Real Elements
    5.California Soul (A.Skillz Remix) – Marlena Shaw
    6.Got your money (Acc) – Ol’dirty Bastard
    7.Love will bring us back together – Roy Ayres
    8.Do what you want to – The Barkays
    9.The Rhythm – Nick Thayer
    10.Night to remember – Shalamar
    11.In da house (Acc) – Jurassic 5
    12.You keep me coming back – Brothers Johnson
    13.Breath and Stop – Q-tip
    14.Happy – Max Sedgly
    15.Dangerous (Acc) – Busta Rhymes
    16.Contact (inst) – Noisia & Foreign Beggars
    17.Contact (Noisia Remix) - Noisia & Foreign Beggars
    18.Empire State of mind (Beats) – Jay Z & Alicia Keys
    19.Take me to the hospital(SubFocus Remix) – The Prodigy
    20.Front to back – Sigma
    21.Dreamer – Featurecast
    22.Cop the shit (Acc) – Timbaland & Magoo (Feat Missy)
    23.Back to you – Nick Thayer
    24.Rockit (A.Skillz (feat Redman)) – Subfocus
    25.Yap that Fool – A.Skillz & Nick Thayer
    26.Good Music – A.Skillz
    27.Get on the boat (A.Skillz Beats Edit) – Prince
    28.Another Day (Acc) – A.Skillz feat Real Elements
    29.Ruskillcast – Featureskillz smashup
    30.Bang Bang Bang (U-Turn Remix) – Mark Ronson & The Business Intl
    31.Good Girl (Acc) - Grinny Grandad
    32.Jack of all trades (Maximillian Lopp Remix)- Flashbaxx
    33.Runaway (Acc)– Nuyorican Soul
    34.Show em what you got (Acc) – Jay-Z
    35.Glide – Pleasure
    36.Mr Spock – Justin Martin ,Ardalan
    37.Planet Rock (Acc) – Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force
    38.Around the world – Daft Punk
    39.Around the world(Bass Kleph Breaks Edit) – Daft Punk
    40.Animal Rights (A.Skillz beatweek) – Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner
    41.Night of the living bassheds (Fingure remix) – Public Enemy
    42.Set you free (Acc) – N-Trance
    43.Alpha Centauri – Noisia
    44.Hold on (Sub focus remix) – Rusko
    45.Katy on a mission (Acc) – Katy B
    46.Pastime paradise – Stevie Wonder
    47. Saturate the first Time (A.Skillz Mashup) – Caspa / ChemicalBros / Stanton Warriors

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