Deekline @ Spirit Bar (Nelson BC) [21-01-2011]



  1. Pyroboy says:

    Hard to listen to in parts, a bit out of key. good otherwise

  1. Beakle says:

    This is a wicked set; but I agree, there are a few parts that are out of key and hard to listen to... it's still great in the car.

    Gangsta gangsta

  1. min. 05:00 The Time (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Black Eyed Peas
    min. 08:00 Baymont Bross - Gangsta
    min. 11:00 DJ Mujava - Mugwanti (Krafty Kuts Remix)
    min. 14:00 Deekline & Ed Solo - Paella (Original Mix)
    min. 16:00 Deekline & Ed Solo - Ragga Tip
    min. 18:00 Stanton Warriors - Get Up
    min. 21:30 Dj Defkline / Red Polo - Super Freak
    min. 26:00 Stanton Warriors - Turn Me Up Some
    min. 32:00 Dj Defkline / Red Polo - As We Enter
    min. 39:00 Deekline & Tim Healey - The Mexican Ft. Babe Ruth
    min. 42:00 The Bucketheads - The Bomb (Breaks Mix)
    min. 56:00 Deekline & Ed Solo - I Need A Dollar

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