Napt - Promo Mix November 2010


1. NAPT "Fuck Critics" (Funkatech Records)
----> Congorock "Babylon", Peo De Pitte Remix (Fool's Gold)
2. Boy 8bit "The Keep" (This Is Music LTD)
3. 2000 Fast Women "Letters From Vienna", NAPT Remix (Wrapt-Up)
4. Miike Snow "Black And Blue", NAPT Remix - Contraband 2
5. Daft Punk "Too Long", NAPT Remix - Contraband 3
6. Big Boi "Shutterbug", Jack Beats Remix (Def Jam)
7. Cee-lo Green "Fuck You", NAPT Remix - Contraband 4
8. Fenech Soler "White Lies", T.E.E.D Remix (B-Unique)
----> Fenech Soler "White Lies", Doctor P Remix (B-Unique)
9. Boyz Noise "Yeah" (BNR)
10. Wrapt-Up ft Mica Paris "Take It Back", NAPT Remi (Wrapt-Up)
11. Cassius "I Love You So" (Ed Banger)
12. Professor Green "Monster", T.E.E.D Remix (Virgin)
13. NAPT "Emotion", Part Two (Funkatech Records)
14. NAPT ft Skibadee "The Rollers", Skibadee's Vocal Mix (Funkatech Records)
15. Bashy vs NAPT "Make My Day" (Bashy Holdings)
16. Bashy vs NAPT "Make My Day", Specimen A Remix (Bashy Holdings)
17. Shy FX "Raver" (Digital Soundboy)


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