Freestylers - Promo Mix August 2010


Drumatic Twins _ Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte Mix) _ FINGERLICKIN
Big Daddy Kane _ Wrath Of Kane _ COLD CHILLIN
Bucketheads _ The Bomb (Deekline Re-Edit) _ WHITE
Simian Mobile Disco _ Cruel Intentions _ WHITE
Freestylers _ Bounce To This _ MAMA'S PIE
Freestylers _ Cracks (CtrlZRemix) _ NEVER SAY DIE
BasementJaxx _ Where's Your Head At _ XL
Zinc _ Wile Out Instramental _ CRACK HOUSE
Freestylers _ Boomblast Acapella _ AGAINST THE GRAIN
Freestylers _ Ruffneck 2009 (Ctrl Z Remix) _ NEVER SAY DIE
First Choice _ Let No Man Put Assunder Acapella _ SALSOUL
zinc _ Nexx _ CRACK HOUSE
Freestylers _ DanceHall Vibes Acapella _ FRESKANOVA
Diplo _ Drop Booty _ WHITE
Freestylers _ Push Up Acapella _ AGAINST THE GRAIN
Caspa _ Where's My Money (Elite Force Re Rub) _ D STYLE
Hijack _ Who's The Badman Acapella _ WARNER
Fat Boy Slim _ Star 69 _ SKINT
Pyramid _ Beautiful _ FUNKATECH
Mj Cole _ Sincere (Nero Remix) _ PROLIFIC
SubScape _ Nothing's wrong _ DUB POLICE
Lotleatta Holloway _ Love Sensation Acapella _ SALSOUL
Blackstreet _ No Diggity _ WHITE
Pendulum _ Tarantula _ BREAKBEAT KAOS
Freestylers vs Pendulum _ Painkiller _ AGAINST THE GRAIN
Freestylers vs Pendulum _ (KouncilHouse Remix) _ AGAINST THE GRAIN
Dmx _ Real Hot _ ROUGH RIDERS
UB40 _ Rat In My Kitchen _ DEP INTERNATIONAL


  1. barlander says:

    yeha, does this mean an album is about to surface???? Hope so. My Girlfriend and I were racing to see which of our fav group's album would come out first this year. Korn won!!!

  1. kicker321 says:

    Korn came out with an album? Everyone loses

  1. korn new album's titled "Korn III"
    Im a korn fan too :D

  1. barlander says:

    haha seems to be a love h8 thing happening 4 Korn. Back to the promo mix, Is it me or is there no "This city", Is gonna be a definite highlight on their new album but didn't feature in the promo mix???? I Noticed Lady waks had it (this city) as part of her latest mix - thanks tracklist, hint hint.

  1. Tracklist Added!

  1. barlander says:

    Primo work on the track list, Man i would have only picked about %50 of the titles in this mix, lucky i didn't try and make my own track list :)

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