Baymont Bross @ In Da Mix (Radio Record) [25-08-2010]


01. Baymont Bross Feat Mc Darrison - Can't Keep A Good Man Down
02. Baymont Bross Feat RayNpro - Twisted Metal
03. Fort Knox Five Ft Afrika Bambata - Shift (Baymont Bross Remix)
04. Baymont Bross Feat Mc BestBasstard & Mutant Breakz - Drop The Bass
05. Fixx & Sue Cho - East West Bump
06. Kid Digital & Rubber FeaT Kyla - Disco (Baymont Bross Remix)
07. SHM - One - Stanton Warriors Edit
08. Baymont Boots - Pyramid
09. Mike Snow - Black and Blue - (Napt Remix)
10. The Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Otherside 2010 (Funkerman) (DJ Ark Rerub)
11. Malo - Nasty Boys (Baymont Bross Remix)
12. Lazy Rich - Discofukkr - (Plaza De Funk Remix)
13. Baymont Bross Feat Mc GI - DNA
14. Vandalism & Angger Dimas - She Got It (Curtis B Remix)
15. Baymont Bross - Gansta


  1. barlander says:

    ooooo i want to hear The Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Otherside 2010 (Funkerman) (DJ Ark Rerub, might check it out on you ttube 1st - dam 2gig data cap :(

  1. barlander says:

    managed to find it beware of the 3 min intro and 2 min outro, can only assume the "re-rub" is the minute in the middle (which is actually good, otherwise a bit of a let down)

  1. hi barlander

    You can get a free download of that re-rub

  1. barlander says:

    Cheers for that link.... cool bass build up in the middle, not quite the drop i was after but re-rub has some improvements, Thanks again

  1. miguee says:

    despues del tema 15 ai mas temas emmmm xk no los pones en el tracklist m se los temasss

  1. tete_sanlu says:

    como se llama el temak viene despues del 15¿¿?

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