Evil9 - Promo Mix May 2010


1. Echoes in my head (Alex Gopher remix) – Pablo Decoder & Tim Healey
2. Dinosaurs with guns – Teki Latex
3. Seas of grease (Harvard Bass remix) – Zombie Nation
4. Get low – Justin Martin
5. Um bongo’s revenge – Julio Bashmore
6. Fifty what (Dem Slackers remix ) – Sandro Silva & Anjiro Rijo
7. what you need (A-trak remix) – Tiga
8. Superfast jellyfish (Evil Nine remix) – Gorillaz
9. Level – D.I.M
10. The keep – Boy 8-Bit
11. Young again (Serge Santiago’s italo remix) – Kasper Bjorke
12. Passage of time (Freeform Five reform) – Nufrequency
13. Warm in the shadows (Villa remix) – Music Go Music


  1. Супер микс, они конечно всегда были молодцы, но эта компиляция очень крута)

  1. barlander says:

    anyone know if it was evil9 that has produced a linkinpark vs jayz - numb encore remix? it has been on my wishlist since hearing it maybe 5 years ago but have never been able to stumble across it - not even after a session looking on youtube - back to the club i guess.

  1. slagbag says:

    barlander, the only breaks remix I know of thats Linkinpark vs Jay Z is the Dark Skies Remix of Numb/Encore.

    Not sure if thats the one your after.

  1. barlander says:

    Cheers - I'll check it out... youtube maybee???

  1. Anonymous says:

    broken link.

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