Jinx In Dub - APE Music Podcast 011 (March 2010)


01. The Dub Pistols 'Ganja (Jinx In Dubs Big Bristol Buds Rmx)' [Sunday Best]
02. Fort Knox Five 'The Wonder Strikes Again (Jon Ohms Rmx)' [Fort Knox Recs]
03. Alien Ent. Ft Black Canvas 'Shoot 2 Kill (Jinx In Dub Rmx)' [Wellness Tunes]
04. Terry Lynn and Johan Hugo 'Jamaican Girls' [CDR]
05. Zinc Ft Slarta John 'Flim' [Bingo]
06. U-Man Ft Squidly Cole 'Where Is Tarzan (Jinx In Dub Rmx)' [Down The Bush]
07. OSS 'Watch What You Put Inna (Jinx In Dubs Rizla Redub)' [CDR]
08. Jinx In Dub 'Tippa Tap Sound' [Functional]
09. Gella Feat Spyda 'Twinkle (Nails Mix)' [CDR]
10. Tayo and Acid Rockers Ft Lady Sovereign 'Silver Riddim' [CDR]
11. Aswad 'Warrior Charge (Jinx In Dubs V.I.P Version)' [CDR]
12. Phaeleh Ft I-Mitri 'Selecta (Jinx In Dub Rmx)' [Against The Grain]
13. Jinx In Dub '9 to 5 Dub' [CDR]
14. October 'Dub Junglism' [Z-Audio]

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