Future Funk Squad @ Breakspoll 2010 (London) [25-02-2010]

This is an interpretation of FFS set played live at breakspoll, re-created in ableton by FFS


1. Intro - Our Time Is Running Out (Breaks Edit) - Muse
2. Sine Language (FFS RMX) - The Crystal Method
3. Gyroshelter - PMT vs The XX
4. Bug Powdestrukt - Bomb The Bass vs Product.01
5. We Bleed (FFS RMX) - Karton
6. Resistance (FFS RMX) - BWEI
7. Kissing Karton - Future Funk Squad vs Karton
8. Muscle Step (Beatman & Ludmilla RMX) - Hanuman Tribe
9. To Lose My Nebulous - White Lies vs NumberNin6
10. Take A Fall - Hybrid


  1. Anonymous says:

    wot does the description mean?? is this ffs or not?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes it is them, it says they re created the set they did at breakspoll in Ableton. Its a program.

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