Basement Freaks ft. MC Coppa - Promo Mix February 2010


1.Basement Freaks-The Funky Stuff Intro
2.Smoove & Turrell-I Cant Give You Up (A.Skillz remix)
3.Featurecast-Stick Em Up
4.Q Dup Foundation-Cosmic Soul
5.Basement Freaks-Hit The Flame
6.Basement Freaks-Something Freaky
7.Blackstreet vs Cameo-No Diggity
8.Prosper & Badboe-Rock The Beat(Mooqee Vs Beatvandals rmx)
9.Dj Wood-Hustle Muscle
10.Basement Freaks-Here We Go Again
11.Basement Freaks-Get Down Boogie
12.Slynk-Boogie Call
13 Featurecast-Rock Ya Body
14.Basement Freaks-Disco Life
15.Neighbour- Peaches N' Herb'
16.Jon Ohms-Work it ft Mc Coppa Freestyle
17.Basement Freaks-Nirvana Suckar
18.Nick Thayer - War Joint
19.Napt- Make My Day (feat Louise Marshall)
20.Baymond Bross ft Mc Darisson-Cant Keep (Basement Freaks remix)
21.Defkline & Red Polo - No Other Booty
22.Basement Freaks-Cheeba Dance
23.Aquasky-Party Skunk
24.Basement Freaks-Jam In The Jungle


  1. Anonymous says:

    Redonkulous mix. Off the chain. Keep it coming basement freaks!!!

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