Youthful Implants - Promo Mix March 2009

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1. Adam Faz - Reverence (Equalizers rmx) - Bombtraxx
2. Dilemn - Pure Ilusion (Hardcore Beats)
3. Chris Anderson - Overdose (TJR Rmx) Promo Records
4. Dopamine - Come Closer (The Bulgarian rmx) Title Fight
5. Drumattic Twins - Back to the Old School (Finger Lickin)
6. Equalizers - Broken English (Pure Filth)
7. Pulsate01 - Dust Rain (Youthful Implants rmx) Flextone
8. Ben & Lex - Mugz (Future Perfect)
9. Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Zodiac Cartel rmx)
10. The Breakfastaz - Acting Wrong ft Meshach (Breakfast Club)
11. Drumattic Twins - Dont be so Drumattic (Finger Lickin)
12. Loop DeVille - The One (Butter Party rmx) Trickery Collective
13. Youthful Implants vs Tiger Funk - Heatseeker (Dead Famous)
14. Equalizers - Blood Sport (Pure Filth)
15. Lily Allen - The Fear (The Count saves Lily from the fear rmx)
16. Skism - The Blank (Wicky Lindows)
17. TC - Wheres my money (Caspa rmx, Jack Beats re-edit)
18. Drumattic Twins - Drum Thunder (Finger Lickin)
19. Dilemn - Flying Guitar (Future Perfect)
20. Mesmer - Lights Shine Down (Sound of Habib)


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