Specimen A @ Funkatech Show (iBreaks) [19-01-2009]

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1 Rennie Pilgrem-cant stop (jem stone remix)
2 Rektchordz-Bassbin Tactics
3 Groove diggerz-Get fresh (Sam Hell remix)
4 Far too loud-all is machine (Specimen A remix)
5 Deekline n wizard-up for teh posse (far too loud remix)
6 Specimen A-Algorithm
7 War (bootleg)-Not Entered
8 Dilemn-daylight (BBB remix)
9 Stereotype-Under my skin ft tali
10 Pyramid-wickedist combination ft ic3
11 Stereotype-cold ft ken mac and breakfastaz
12 Specimen A-Exodous R.I.P. mix
13 Stereotype-Dusk till dawn ft wizard spider & foreign beggars
14 Stereotype-Burnout ft bex riley
15 Break the box-the hell
16 Kid digital-up n down
17 Kid digital-its true
18 Digital base-turn me out (dekoy remix)
19 Far too loud & code zero-black out
20 BSD-cause the rythmn
21 Pyramid-neighborhood
22 Vent-Deft Ode
23 Jinx-Twilight 2000 (Beta remix)
24 Specimen A-nightmare (club mix)
25 BSD-Intoxicated music
26 Specimen A & Xim n bass-Liberatae tutamae
27 Stereotype-burn out (vent vip mix)
28 Vent-Garms ft prophecy
29 Specimen A-Nightmare (vocal mix)


  1. orebeat says:

    Specimen A-Exodous R.I.P. mix

    :O crazy tracks !

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